Dear Customers

We ask you at New Styles ( to choose your orders carefully, In addition to the need to read all the items in this paper that include the terms and return policy, which states the following:

Firstly: Buying and selling operations

  • Your sale, purchase and use of products available in the New Styles store ( are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use and Service.
  • New Styles Store ( may choose to accept, refuse to accept or cancel your order in some cases, for example if the product you wish to purchase is not available, or if the product is priced incorrectly, or if it is found that fraudulent order, The site will return what you paid for orders that were not accepted or that are canceled.
  • All content on the New Styles store ( including writings, designs, graphics, logos, icons, images, interfaces, symbols, software and trademarks are exclusive property owned by the store and this property is subject to copyright protection.

secondly: Goods exchange and return policy:

  • All products will be returned within a period not exceeding two days from the date of receiving the order.
  • The customer bears the shipping costs for return, Also, fees paid for delivery are not refundable (SMSA 19 riyals, Aramex 26 riyals, Representative 35 riyals).
  • The amount due will be returned within 3 to 10 days after receiving and checking the product.
  • The order cannot be canceled if it has been shipped.
  • Delivery charges are not refundable if canceled after shipment
  • In the event of a defect or manufacturing error, the product will be returned after reporting it.

Third: Cases in which products are not returned

There are some cases in which products are not returned by New Styles Store ( as follows:

  • When requesting a return after the specified time, It is two days from the date of receipt regarding the products.
  • when using the product, or when damaged, or when it is not in the same condition that you received it in or when the product safety sticker has been removed.
  • Consumable products used.
  • Products whose serial numbers have been tampered with or removed.
  • products without price tags, or stickers, or the original cover, or lack of any of its accessories.

Fourthly: Return of a product that does not comply with the order

In the event of a defect or manufacturing error in the product that was sold through the New Styles store (, it will be returned after reporting it. And according to the following conditions:

  • to be returned in the same original condition, And in the same original packaging at the time of receipt
  • It must be returned within two days of receiving it
  • New Styles Store ( will receive and check the product, And in the event that it is found that there are no defects or damages in it, We will return the money to the buyer, which includes the cost of the product as well as shipping costs.

Fifth: Retrieval during offers and discounts

  • There is no return for the products included in the sales during the sales period.
  • The customer is allowed to exchange according to the following conditions:
  • One time exchange is allowed. As for the alternative request, it will not be accepted
  • The product should not exceed two days from the date of receipt.
  • The product must be intact and in its original condition with all its accessories
  • The shipping cost is borne by the customer for the return and delivery of the alternative order, which is 43 riyals. Transferred to our account or paid upon receipt.
  • In the event of purchasing from promotional offers (such as buy 2 get 1 free), all products included in the offer must be returned.